Las Plantas y las Flores de Soho House Barcelona

Somos los responsables de las Plantas en Soho House. De su maravillosa terraza con vistas al mar. Su fantástico restaurante italiano. Las flores para los eventos y las fiestas. Máxima exigencia. Máxima superación personal. Un regalo!

The House has finally arrived to Barcelona and the city is vibrating and excited about this Soho New Thing.

Firstly you should know we are talking about the new private club and hotel where collide the most interesting people from this city and from the 18 Houses they have around the world.

The team is amazing and we are very happy for the opportunity to be a little part of it.

Taking care about the plants and the flowers of the House, it has been hard and fun. They really like Green and you can notice it in every space of the House and of course in their fabulous top terrace.

So, we do the maintenance and the flower details trying to make a difference and our best!

See you there!






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