La Fleuriste Nadia de Londres a Barcelona

Cuando vienen a trabajar con nosotras floristas de otras ciudades y comparten su historia y experiencia… Todavía más felices y agradecidas de aprender juntas. Florists Around the world.

I must write this in english because it is adressed to fleuriste Nadia and her spanish is in the drawer hibernating.

It has been crazy at work, with all the crhistmas decorations and she is been the best companion and a friend. I still remember her face when she did not understand the other people thinking, or doing… The weirdest things happens to her and there is always traffic if she is in the car…. But Nadia’s personality, strengh and fun, have made us all a happier team.

So, thank you for your professionality and your candy. You will always have another place to land here in Flowers’Will.